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The Alligator's Child And Other Adornments

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Off for the Sabbot . William Mortensen . 1927

This copy of “Les Fleurs du Mal,” circa 1868-‘69, was painted by Charles Meunier with Death as a skeleton whose outstretched arms are foliated branches, standing among thistle leaves and flowers.

The witches laughing from The Violet Fairy Book by Andrew Lang, 1906.

Re-purposed Crystal Head Vodka bottle


Staglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Italy. This is the grave of Italino Lacomelli, the child that died on the 16 August 1925. He was five years old and a victim of to a killer while he played in the public garden with his hoop. His mother already had died. The father, Donatello Iacomelli (1889/1976) was buried in the same grave as the childs mother. (Source) Other Graveyard Posts: (The Weeping Woman) (Angel of Death) (Compilation of Gravestones, Part 1, Part 2)

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Andreas Friedrich. Emblemata Nova. 1617.

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