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Goth-Icky by theĀ Charles S. Anderson Design Co. (via)

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Faun (Mrs Constant Lambert) Gerald Leslie Brockhurst
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“The Head and the Members” , engraving for “Aesop’s Fables” 

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URGENT WATER NOTICE:Residents Of Toledo Are Urged NOT To Drink Or Boil Water, Water Contains Algal Toxins. Boiling the water in Toledo will NOT destroy the toxins, it will increase the concentration of toxins in the water. Do not give any water to your pets or livestock. If you live in Toledo, Ohio and need water, call 734-997-7500 to see if they still have some available for delivery.Please share with friends and family that live in Toledo, OH.
For more info about the official notice from city officials, go here: 



My mom bought these recently and they have made both of my dogs really sick. She later saw an article online about duck and sweet potato treats made in China(these fit the description) killing dogs and the FDA is doing nothing about it. Apparently over the last few years 600 young, healthy dogs have died after eating these treats and I don’t want anymore to suffer or be killed so please spread the word and don’t let your dogs have these!

This is VERY important! A lot of these animal treats made in China are killing dogs and cats. It’s not that the FDA isn’t doing anything about it, it’s simply that they don’t know why it’s happening.
They are conducting investigation after investigation, but the ingredients used in the food killing dogs (and 10 cats) is used in many different brands and companies that have been shipped, all from overseas. At this rate, a total recall and knowledge of where it’s coming from has proven very difficult. Just recalling one brand in particular will not solve the problem. Please conduct a thorough search about any brand of treats that have been made in China should you pick them up for your pet before you feed it to them. If all else fails, just buy local.
EDIT: Here is a list of food that has been recalled (so far) with more information 
Please PLEASE be aware that this isn’t only happening to dogs, but some cat treats, too!

This may save lives!!